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Metal behaviour and corrosion
Metal behaviour and corrosionTechnology
Our skilled staff will help you with recommendations on optimised chemical composition to improve fracture toughness, corrosion resistance, crack resistance, fatigue life, creep resistance and weldability including use in harsh environments.
Joining and welding
Joining and weldingTechnology
The Metal Structures Centre can assist you in developing joining and welding guidelines and perform the qualification program.
Simulation and testing
Simulation and testingTechnology
The Metal Structures Centre offers state-of-the-art equipment for heavy duty projects, such as a set-up for curved wide plate testing; static and fatigue tests …
Design and specifications
Design and specificationsTechnology
The three R&D fields mentioned above are combined to allow innovative and cost-efficient structural design including applying defect acceptance criteria.

Metal Structures Centre

The Metal Structures Centre combines competencies on design, use and evaluation of the behaviour of steel structures for its worldwide customers.

Synergy is our strength

The consortium started in 2009, however, all involved partners have a long history of first class reputation for service through their skilled teams of scientists, engineers and support staff. The Metal Structures Centre combines the strength and skills of three independent research and development labs working in the field of pipelines, plates, steel structures and machine components.

  • OCAS, a steel R&D centre with a proven track record in metallurgy, welding, corrosion and numerical simulation design
  • Ghent University (Laboratory Soete), widely recognized as a leading lab in experimental fracture mechanics and pipeline engineering
  • Belgian Welding Institute (BIL), a state-of-the-art welding research institute investigating welding procedures for pipelines, pressure vessels, windmills, bridges, etc.


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Starting from identified needs, the Metal Structures Centre’s mission is to provide a complementary and specialised range of capabilities for metal structures engineering, from design and simulation, over processing and characterisation of materials and component testing, to the integration in the final application.

MSC is a consortium consisting of

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Services for our industrial customers worldwide

The Metal Structures Centre is a solution provider in the energy market.
Our services include technical support, failure investigation, research and development, co-engineering, finite element modelling, and materials’ testing.
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